Sue's having class


This is an intersting game may be interest most girl players.

Sue is now having her class,and she feels so tired, so sweet is helpul to her at this moment!

But the teacher is just at the stage before, what should Sue do?

Be careful, not to be caught by the teacher......

Crimson Room

I drank too much last night, what time is it now?

So thirsty!

The bed doesn't seem to be the one I usually sleep on, is it a hotel?

No,it doesn't seem to be a hotel~

I am trapped in this room, and I have to escape!

Spot the difference

There are two almost identical photos here.

The photo at the bottom has 5 things missing or different from the original one you see on the top.

Just click on this 5 parts, and you can win!!!


The Fair of Summer

A Japanese style online game, specail as well as interesting !

Summer Fair is here, and there are many shops, you can choose anyone you like, and enter...

Then an intersting Japanese style game is just for you!

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