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I am a gruduate student in China, I have many friends in different countries, most of them in the USA, I always have many nice pictures , hot music, important study materials and so on to share with my friends, so I need some space of my own on the internet, and I choose divehq as my web host .

I find it really a convenient way to share nice files with my friends ,thanks to the service of drivehq and the software it provided, all are free!


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my university:

Shanghai JiaoTong University in China

thanks to my web host drivehq, I can share a lot of nice files with my friends, and you are welcome to download them,all are free.

further more, I recommend a nice software to download them quickily, easily and safely.that is File Manager 2.2.

I share many different kinds of files with my friends here,and then make more friends. They also share their nice files to me, and we can communicate with each other about how to improve our website.

I have learnt a lot here, and got a lot!

I welcome everyone come to my website to be my friends, and share my treasures!


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