~Cartoon is my favorite~

cartoon is one of the topics of my life, and is also the topic of my homepage, welcome to share whatever I have collected.

I like Disney cartoons, as well as Japanese ones, and some classic Chinese cartoons are also my interests.


new album

I love Harry Potter !

Harry Potter is one of my favorite cartoon figures, nice pics here of Harry Potter -->

thanks to my web host drivehq, I can share a lot of nice files with my friends, and you are welcome to download them,all are free.

further more, I recommend a nice software to download them quickily, easily and safely.that is File Manager 2.2.

I have collected some nice pictures about cartoon, some articles about cartoon, some special music about cartoon, some cartoon cards, and some interesting cartoon games.


sailor moon is also my favorite cartoon, if you are the same, welcome to contact me , I can share what I have with you!



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